How hot is it? It’s sooo hot…

Perhaps you’ve seen that California has been experiencing a heat wave? Daily temperatures here in Fresno have been above 110 for 5 days now, and they’ve been above 100 since the 14th of this month.

I really had that driven home today at lunchtime. I keep a bottle of ibuprofen (Motrin) in my glove box for headaches and standard aches and pains. I needed a couple this morning. When I picked up the bottle, it no longer rattled like it used to do. On opening it, I found all of the pills fused together in one solid mass on the side of the bottle.

My Motrin melted!

I brought it in to look at it, and found that the coating on the pills seems to be the problem. Perhaps the coating is sugar or gelatin related, I dunno. The coating is also blistered on each tablet, which suggests that some outgassing may be happening to the tablet under the coating. In any case, the coating blisters, and fuses together with other coatings, creating a giant mass of fused pills in a bottle.

I wonder if it’s still safe to use?

Just to be safe, I took some aspirin from my desk at work instead.

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