Speaking of Double Standards!

Whoa! Speak of double standards and watch what happens! As I was posting my last blog entry an email arrived in my inbox from a fanatically religious acquaintance of mine. The entire text of his email is:
Please forward this. Very few media outlets are making these available. E-mail might be the only way that most of us will get to see what all the uproar is about.

In a situation like this, I want to be very careful to give credit to the people who are taking a stand for their rights. No plagerism [sic] here.

The cartoons found at:
Photos of the muslim [sic] response found at:
First, you can already see the right-wing ignorance here - not only can't they spell, but they also link to a blogger that is so fanatically right wing that Ann Coulter idolizes her. Of course, Malkin is one of those types who don't appreciate her errors being pointed out to her, so she's turned off all comments in her blog. If you want to find out why she's full of BS, you should go somewhere else.

Let's make sure there are no double standards in my blog, huh? For your amusement, here is a cartoon of Muhammad, followed by one of Jesus. Enjoy!

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