Christianity, Homosexuality and Capital Punishment - Are YOU a Red Head?

Four months ago, Stephen Bennett Ministries opened the latest front against people in love with "Straight Talk Radio" - a daily half hour program on the Crawford Broadcasting Network, one of the larger Christian broadcast networks.

According to Mr. Bennett's testimony, he was a homosexual from 1981 to 1992. During that time Mr. Bennett was also an alcoholic, and so heavily addicted to drugs that he resorted to crime to pay for his habit. Unfortunately Mr. Bennett's negative experiences seem to have caused some self-loathing - he now equates the LGBT community with drug addiction, crime and alcoholism.

Mr. Bennett writes a regular column for the American Family Association called the "Homosexual Agenda." AFA is founded by Donald Wildmon, who also started The Arlington Group. Mr. Wildmon's son, Tim Wildmon, recently praised the American Vision president Gary DeMar on an AFA radio broadcast, saying: "Well, one of the best writers out there in the Christian community and thinkers is Gary DeMar."

Gary DeMar is famous for his 1991 remarks on "Sound Off", a show from WSB in Atlanta, Georgia. In that show Mr. DeMar advocated not only making Homosexuality a crime, but also making it punishable as a capital offense, as advocated by the Bible. (Romans 1, 26-32)

This leads to an interesting question - if Homosexuality DID become a capital offense, in the same magnitude as that of murder, then logically there would be no statute of limitations would there? Of course there is little chance of this happening anytime soon, but if it did I would find the implications for Mr. Bennett amusing.

A couple of notes

Paul, in his missive in Romans, makes it clear that not only are Homosexuals worthy of death, but also those who approve of the people who practice that lifestyle. In order to make Mr. DeMar's law 'biblical', he would also have to advocate execution for supporters of the LGBT community. (That would be me. Hi Sis!!)

Homosexuality seems to be a normal genetic variation, and is found in nature. You've probably recently read about the homosexual Penguins at the New York Aquarium. Although there seems to be little genetic advantage for homosexual behavior in individuals, there may be genetic advantage to a family with a homosexual aunt or uncle who would help care for offspring. At the very least, there is probably no cost for homosexual behavior in a species.

A new study from the American Psychiatric Association gives evidence that homophobia is a result of repressed homosexual urges. I'm sure this makes Mr. DeMar, Mr. Bennett, and a whole lot of other raving fundamentalists very uncomfortable!

No one is born Red Headed!

A year or three ago I posted the following at the James Randi Educational Foundation Forums. I thought it would be good to repost it in my blog now, in honor of Mr. Bennett's new radio program.

God hates Redheads!

Hi, my name is Calladus, and I'm a reformed Redhead. I encourage men and women to successfully and permanently overcome their unwanted Redheadedness. I firmly believe no one is born a 'flamehead' and that unnatural Redheadedness develops early on in childhood; by biblically dealing with the root cause(s) of one's hair color, Redheadedness can be completely overcome - just as drug addiction, alcoholism or any other sinful behavior. Men and women can then move on to a healthy hair color - as part of God's original design and plan for man and woman.

Red hair can be overcome - I myself experimented with being a Redhead, but when the local store ran out of hair color, I KNEW it was God's will that I reform! I am now back to my original, God given, black hair.

One of my friends, a Mr. Sean O'donnel, claims that he was born a Redhead. Friends, this is a lie from Satan! Through prayer, bible study, and patience, I was able to show Sean the error of his ways. It took a lot of prayer on Sean's part, but he worked at it for years, and through his mighty effort we saw the last of his Red hair fade away, just in time for his 54th birthday! Halleluiah!

Remember, Red hair is a sin, a mark of witchcraft, drugs, and decedent lifestyle. If you are an unrepentant Redhead, then you will soon find yourself in Hell with Lucille Ball.

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Scientia said...

*LOL* So- if I have auburn highlights in my otherwise dark-brown hair, does that mean I'm only partially unregenerate? And if they've always been there does that mean I'm obligated to make them go away through artifical means- or is that the moral equivalent of the red/black sheep bleaching itself? Do I need to wait and hope for grey hair?

Talk about original sin! Is there no redemption for us other than the natural process of hair loss? Where is our messiah? (Want to volunteer for the job?)

Thank you for alerting me to this previously unconsidered moral morass...