Atheist / Freethought Book Recommendations

Blogger has several limitations - one of which is a fairly clumsy method of recommending books. If I use my profile to recommend books I’m not allowed to post links to them, or even talk about them. If I use my sidebar (Template) I’m stuck with a very long sidebar that clutters up my site. Putting them into a daily blog like this is not ideal either, because I still have to do a lot of editing – fortunately I use an offline editing program to allow me to create a template – but it is still a kludge. I’m still planning on redoing my entire site at some point – based around Wordpress or some such editor, and privately hosted.

But until then, I offer you books that I’ve read and recommend. These books include science vs. pseudoscience, religion vs. non-religion, secular history, philosophy, origins of life and universe.

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