Even Jimmy Carter gets it!

Carter: Policy by religion has nation at risk - Yahoo! News

Carter - speaking on the mindset of fundamentalism:
"They think they are absolutely right. That's one of the characteristics of fundamentalism-- 'I think I am right because I am close to God and anybody who disagrees with me is inherently wrong and therefore inferior.' "

As I've said before, fundamentalists are inherently arrogant and are condescending toward everyone who dares to believe other than they. Even Jimmy Carter gets this!

Carter also said that fundamentalism is responsible for the Bush administration's policy of pre-emptive strikes against a potential enemy, such as the war in Iraq for relaxation of environmental regulations, for favoring the wealthy over the poor in economic policy, and for torturing prisoners.

President Carter's new book, "Our Endangered Values : America's Moral Crisis."
criticizes Bush's fundamentalism.

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