Sad news for the Rational Community

I just got some very saddening news –

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I enjoy listening to Skepticality, recorded by Derek and Swoopy. The show is fairly new, but still a very heavy hitter in terms of guest speakers, and good rational thought from two amazing people.

Tonight I downloaded the latest Skepticality shows onto my Zen, and thought the filenames were a bit weird.

Listening, I soon found out that Derek had suffered some sort of brain aneurysm – like event. He made it to the hospital, but it was a close thing. He’s going to be out of action for weeks, at best.

I won’t think of the worst that could happen – because it is really just that close.

If you haven’t experienced Derek and Swoopy’s podcasts you are missing some wonderful shows. Great topics, production quality, and excellent guests - they are well worth it!

Just be aware that I’m not doing you any favors by sending you to listen to their material. By the time you’ve listened to a couple of shows, you will have fallen in love with them – and will be outraged and saddened at this tragedy.

Just as I am now.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about the bad news.

Thank you for the link I will definitely check their show out.