The Lie of Iraq

"We went in there for weapons of mass destruction. There are no weapons of mass destruction - I think that's perfectly clear. So we have no reason to be there. Plain and simple." - Tim Goodrich, Iraq Veteran

When an Anti-war protest draws 100,000 or more people, many of them veterans or active duty military from that war, and a Pro-war protest can't even muster a thousand people - you know the President is taking a 'straw poll' and rethinking his actions. At least, a smart politician would.

The current Iraq effort is unsustainable - next spring the military will start sending soldiers back to Iraq for their third 1 year tour. This has had a devistating effect on America's all volunteer military. (Well, all volunteer unless you are currently IN the military, in which case you are not allowed to exit the military when your enlistment is up! This has especially sucked for the Guard.)

Military leaders have said loudly that drawdowns in Iraq must start next year, or else the military will cease to be effective, and will not be able to make the recruitment goals necessary to prevent basic attrition, let alone the loss of highly qualified personnel.

I'm guessing this can go one of two ways - Either Bush will be a man about it by committing political suicide for the GOP by calling for a Draft, or he will do another "Mission Accomplished" BS press conference, and start withdrawal of all but a token force from Iraq. I'm betting the second will happen.

As soon as we start to leave, Iraq will start it's transition to a regime hostile toward America. I mean, more hostile than they already are.

What can we do to fix this mess? I dunno - we've done so much damage that we have negated any goodwill we once had with the citizens of Iraq. We should start by keeping our promises though - give them the money and tools to rebuild their own country instead of sending in Halliburton to do it for them in a half-assed manner.

It's not gonna happen. At least not on this president's watch.

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