I love my Zen!

I finally broke down and bought a respectable MP3 player - the Zen Micro. It's got a 5 Gig hard drive, FM radio, and built in recorder.

I absolutly love it!

I downloaded my entire music collection into it (about 700 individual songs) and some lectures by Richard Feynman.

But what I really enjoy are Podcasts!

It is so difficult to get decent media here. Fresno is the Bible-Belt of California, and is possibly just as conservative as South Texas where I grew up. I count myself lucky that Air America Radio is now on 790AM (KFPT) in Fresno. But I don't get to listen to Al Frankin or Randi Rhodes while at work. So I timeshift his show using Air America Place's podcast server.

I listen to amateur / non - affiliated podcasts too - and frequently try out new podcasts that I think may be interesting. It's great - if I don't like a show - I don't bother listening all the way through - I just delete it ruthlessly.

Other podcasts I listen to include:

SETI Science and Skepticism
The Infidel Guy Show
This Week in Amateur Radio
Science @ Nasa

I'm always on the lookout for good Skeptical / Atheist / Pseudoscience shows. I download them automatically, and listen in the car, while working around the house, while in the garage.

So if anyone knows of some good podcasts that seem to fit my requirements - let me know!

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