God Missed - the first time

Obviously the religous right was wrong when they said that God was punishing gay people by tossing a hurricane at them during their big celebration.

I mean, gee - God was a bit premature with that hurricane, no one from Southern Decadence had arrived in New Orleans yet! If he really wanted to wipe out the LGBT community, he's got piss-poor aim.

Perhaps God was punishing the poor people that were shipped out to the Astrodome in Houston? God wasn't fast enough the first time, and now he's trying to get the survivors? I don't see how anyone but a rich Republican Conservative could believe that.

The rich conservatives must be salavating over their newfound ability to do a land-grab from the evacuated poor.

I wonder what Texas Governer Rick Perry is thinking now - he tacitly agreed with the Religous Right that Katrina was a punishment against the sins of New Orleans - will he practice a double standard by saying that New Orleans was punished for wickedness but Houston is only the victim of a 'natural' disaster, or will he support those who say that God uses Hurricanes to punish the wicked - where ever they may be?

Actually, from what I've seen of the contempt that conservative Texans have toward New Orleans, I'll predict that they will continue to call Katrina "God's Wrath", while at the same time calling Rita a "Natural Disaster".

I also predict that they will spend a lot of time congratulating themselves over how much better the more affluent Houstonians were able to better handle a hurricane than the New Orleans poor. But they'll leave out the word 'poor'.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry... Pat Robertson cleared it all up so that it makes perfect sense now: