Same sex marriage is inevitable.

I don’t think even a constitutional amendment would prevent the eventual recognition of same sex marriage. Eventually the constitution would be amended again to remove such a barrier, as happened to prohibition.

I'm basing my convictions on the children of gay couples.

According to census data, about 28 percent of same sex couples are raising children. Homosexual single parents also raise children. One-third of single lesbian women are raising children, as are 20 percent of single gay men. (Single, as in not having a same sex partner.)

Census data also show that children of same sex marriages are no more inclined to homosexuality than are children from a traditional nuclear family. Between 5 to 9 percent of the children of gay and lesbian couples will later identify themselves as gay or lesbian. This is comparable with the children of married or divorced parents.

According to Dr. Kyle Pruett, (Child Psychiatrist, Yale University) there is a difference in the children of gay parents in comparison to the children of married parents. The children of gay and lesbian parents usually have a broader worldview, and are more likely to be compassionate than the children of married parents.

I believe that the children of gay and lesbian couples will tend to be more compassionate, more empathetic with the plight of Gays and more likely to vote against the conservative agenda. These children will become our legislators, our judges, or maybe even our President. Eventually there will be enough fair-minded voters to overturn any law or any constitutional amendment that bars same sex marriage.

The conservative, ultra-religious right has only one chance to stop this Juggernaught - and perhaps they are trying to do it this way - they can attempt to make homosexual parents illegal. Take away any parental rights from any openly homosexual person. Make them more of a second class citizen than they are already.

Personally, I think it's too late for that. Conservatives may have been able to get away with that sort of behavior 50 years ago, but I believe America has progressed too far for that now.

So give it up, homophobes. You're all dinosaurs - the killing blow has been delivered to your collective tails - you're just too dumb to realize that your current prejudice is dead.

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