Calladus - The Website!

I mentioned the other day that people are using my pseudonym for their own purposes. I realized that sooner or later someone else would try to create a web presence using my identity.

I do have a (free) website called The Calladus Project. It's currently not in use, but you can still see it on the Internet Archive.

The problem is that it was on Tripod. It was not registered under a domain name.

So over the last few days, I registered Calladus .net and .com. I really could care less about all the other Internet extensions. If you want to be - be my guest!

I don't have any content for a site as of yet - so right now I'm just parking on these sites. However, I'm (slowly) learning to use Dreamweaver - so perhaps there will be a real site on these domains within the next year. I'll blog it when it happens - and then I'll transfer my blog to the website.

All I need to do next is start selling merchandise! :)


Anonymous said...


I really love how you manage to increase your Google Ranking by using my blog for Google Bombing.

Perhaps I would think you more sincere if you didn't drop your advertising excretement into my blog.

Tsk. Is this normal for blogger?, I guess I'll have to restrict comments to blog members.

Anonymous said...

Sorry everyone -

I figured instead of complaining, I should just remove the post. Why give him any Google hits?