Dennis Markuze is at it again...

Dennis MarkuzeWell I guess Mr. Markuze is unafraid of the Montreal Police Service.  He's been be-bopping around the 'Net again, dropping his particular form of word-salad here and there.

I noticed because he did that on the 18th, on my post about my late wife.  Because, you know, THAT is how a kind and caring person wants to notify someone else about the bankrupcy of skepticism - by telling you that you're an idiot while you talk about someone you loved.

I do feel for Mr. Markuze.  He's apparently gone off of his meds, and now he is blatently violating his probabiton.  

He's not well.

I feel for him, but I will not allow him to post here.  Unmedicated, he is unable to come to grips with reality, he is unable to communicate effectively.  By communicating his old Nostradamus BS and James Randi accusations, he is breaking his probation. More importantly, he is breaking one or more rules of my comment moderation policy.

If, by chance, he manages to post here, don't bother replying to him.  His post will disappear as soon as I notice it.

If you are interested in the saga of Dennis Markuz aka David Mabus, you can read here.  Read the comments for his latest exploits.

As per an unkind suggestion from Mr. Markuze, I've enable comment moderation for a while.  

And that's all I have to say about that.


Calladus said...

Dennis Markuze, I deleted your comment because it violated rule 9 of my comment moderation policy.

Calladus said...

Again and again, the Fox leaped at the grapes, and every time he missed them, his jaws snapped on empty air.

Finally, panting with the effort, the Fox put his nose in the air, and strolled away, saying, "Anyway, I'm sure those grapes were sour. They're not worth eating anyways."

It is easy to disparage what you cannot attain.

Calladus said...

Dennis Markuze, I refused to publish your comment because it violated rule 9 and rule 3 of my comment moderation policy.

I highly suggest that you cease abusing drugs and alcohol, and return to your treatment program, and abide by the conditions of your parole.

Please, get help. You need it.

Calladus said...

Dennis Markuze, I refused to publish your comment because it violated rule 9 and rule 6 of my comment moderation policy.

However, I do thank you for your heartfelt apology for the abuse you posted yesterday.

Thank you too for trying to explain your mental disorder to me, but it is really not an excuse for your behavior since your disorder is treatable, and you refuse treatment.

Again, I urge you to stop using drugs and alcohol, go back on treatment, and stop violating your parole.

If you wish to have a private, two-way conversation with me, my email address is

Calladus said...

Dennis Markuze, I refused to publish your comment because it violated rule 9 of my comment moderation policy.

This is the last time I will acknowledge your attempts to publish in my blog.

MattShizzle said...

I really wish instead of jail/D & A treatment he'd be given long term inpatient pasych treatment. He clearly has problems beyond drugs/alcohol.

Calladus said...

Just a quick note. Now that Dennis knows my email address, he's added me to his SPAM list, and has been sending me his peculiarly worded notes of affection.

MattShizzle said...

Contact the Montreal police. Maybe if more people do he'll get taken away again. My friend Chatpilot who has the "God is a Myth" blog just added comment moderation a few weeks ago - mainly because of that lunatic.

Calladus said...

Weird... There was some back and forth email between Dennis and I where I accused him of flirting with me in his own particular way.

(Saying, "You will not survive Judgment Day!!" is a form of flirtation, right?)

And then suddenly he apologized, and disappeared.

I have a friend who is bi-polar, and this seems very much like my friend when they are not on medication. Adamant, sure of yourself, vehement at one point... then apologetic and quiet at another point.

Manic vs depressive.

There are meds that even things out. Some people don't like those meds, and others are very happy to have them.

I hope Dennis has decided to continue his treatment.

MattShizzle said...

Could be. I believe he may also be Schizophrenic due to his posts over the years. I actually have a BS in psych. Of course even an actual Psychologist couldn't make an actual diagnosis based on internet posting.