Ronald Lee Darsey to serve full sentence!

So I was wondering today, "What happened to Ronnie?"

If you'll recall, twice convicted pedophile Ronald Lee Darsey has been spending quality time in a Texas prison since September 26, 2003.  He was up for parole in 2008, which was denied.

He came up for parole again in August 2011, but Tanya and I have been busy with our lives and didn't pay much attention.  I checked on him in September, but couldn't get a firm answer out of the TDCJ.  And then I spent a few months living my life.

I just checked again, starting with a general Google search on his name to see that my blog was still his top entry.  (It is!  And I hope his future girlfriends Google him, and invite them to contact me.  Contact info is other there to the right - just click on my name under the "About Me" category.)

But I also found Ronnie in the Texas Tribune, under a listing for Texas Prison Inmates.  After verifying with TDCJ, I can now say for sure that Ronnie is still in jail.  He didn't make his August 2011 parole, and he must now complete his entire sentence.  He should be released on or about August 26, 2013.

Please be warned - Ronnie has been convicted of child molestation twice, but I know of several young girls he has sexually abused.

He is a habitual sex offender - and the best psychological theories that I've read all agree that such a person will re-offend eventually.  Ronnie can be charming and manipulative - he will put himself in a place or position where he will again have opportunity to re-offend.  And if Texas catches him at it again, he'll be put away for life.

I'm writing this as a warning - if you've googled his name, you already suspect something, or you've been abused by him.  Drop me an email or give me a call.  We'll talk.

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