My newest website - Fresno Backyard Harvest

I've been saying that I wanted to revamp this website.  The Calladus Blog is not going away, but it might get a makeover at some point.  Blogger has been good to me, so I might keep it here.

But I have opened up a NEW website.  Fresno Backyard Harvest.  This new blog is a specialty blog that will discuss everything I'm doing in backyard agriculture. 

Let's get something straight... I'm not a survivalist, and I don't think our government is going to suddenly dissolve, or even be overthrown by a plucky band of survivalists that want to return America to it's roots.

But I am also rational, and I believe the economy - the whole world's economy - is going to get pretty tough before it gets better.  That was the spur to turn my backyard into a mini-farm.

But it was only a spur - what really got me going was the delight in creating a mini working farm.  Since I was 6, I've been fascinated with aquariums, terrariums, and vivariums.  I've kept frogs, fish, clams, lizards, tarantulas, and snakes.  Ecologies have always fascinated me, and I was extremely interested in biology all the way up until a high school biology professor doused my interest by making biology the most boring subject I've ever taken.

So I turned into a gardener who enjoyed keeping pets, like fish, and dogs and cats.

Until now.  Now I have learned about Aquaponics, I have a place where I can really cut loose and garden, and I'm making some big plans.  And it occurred to me that other people might be interested in the ways that I solve my problems.  So I opened a new website.

Do you like to garden?  Maybe you raise rabbits?  Do you have an aquarium?  Are you merely a gardener or do you want to be as self-sufficient as you can be?  Then maybe my new website will have something to offer to you.  Whether you think the collapse of society is immenent, or if you are just interested in eating home-grown food while cutting down your grocery bill.

Check out Fresno Backyard Harvest!

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