Update 18 Jan 2010

Just a quick note to everyone

My wife Won was visiting high school friends in Korea over Christmas / New Years when she suffered a sudden heart attack. She died en route to the Red Cross hospital of Saedamoon district, Seoul Korea. It was fast, and she wasn’t alone.

Won’s health has been difficult all her life, and it became somewhat fragile over the last 5 years. She had her mitral heart valve replaced twice, and her heart was much stronger than it had been in the ‘90’s. However, she had arterial blockage around her heart, and was susceptible to blood clots. Her doctors are unsure of what happened exactly, but we presume a blood clot due to either an interaction between her medications and the traditional Chinese herbal remedies she was taking, or a blood clot due to flying, or possibly a combination of the two. Another factor could have been the weather – the day before she died Korea had a 100-year snowstorm with temperatures in the 3° - 14° F range. Won would have been walking up and down the hills in Seoul in that weather.

Won and I knew that I would outlive her. I just expected to be with her a little longer. We were married 23 years; we’ve known each other for 25 – more than half of my life.

She was cremated in Korea, according to her wishes. I returned with her remains on Thursday, and have spent the weekend sorting through her things at home. I have friends and neighbors who have watched our pets while I was gone, and who make sure I’m okay. Everyone has been wonderful. Our apartment is cleaner than when I left, and there is plenty of prepared food waiting for me. My family has been there for me, and my sister will be staying with me for a week starting Saturday.

I will be up to receiving calls and visitors starting Saturday 23rd. Please do not call before then – I need some time. You can reach me through my Google Voice number at (559) 892-0102. Please call first if you wish to visit. If you have my personal cell phone number you are welcome to call at any time.

I want to thank everyone for the cards, well-wishes, flowers, and offers of assistance. I'm humbled by the generosity and caring that has been expressed toward me by religious and secular family, friends and readers.

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Jedi Pastor Ken said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It has been a while since I stopped in on your blog to say I hello. My thoughts and prayers are with you.