The Science Network

If you haven't had the good fortune to find out about "The Science Network" yet, then you owe it to yourself to check it out.

This is a web-based organization that brings scientists of world-class status together with people who are expert at creating entertaining media. These scientists discuss science issues that impact our lives.

It started back in 2004 with a program discussing the issue of stem cells, and from that has grown over the years as it attempts to follow the best practices of Carl Sagan in explaining complex and difficult science issues in a way that they can be comprehended by those of us without a doctorate.

I'm kinda upset that I'm just now finding out about it.

One of my favorite speakers and writers, Philosopher Daniel Dennett, has several videos on this site. The site uses Google Video for its lectures, so you can embed them into your own blog if you wish.

Last week I spent some time watching Dr. Dennett speak on the topic of Atheism on YouTube. I recommend watching the series, "Dennett on Atheism". I'll include the 5 part series here, under the fold:


Anonymous said...

Are their several definitions of Atheist? Or, is it possible that Atheism could be divided into several categories? Say, hardcore, conservative, reform, liberal? Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Much to my dismay, there is. The main one is "lack of belief", which I think is crap, but even the high priests of atheism promote it as such. Atheists are really no different then theists except on the issue of god ( and some I question even that i.e. a rose by any other name), so in that respect there are probably as many if not more atheist divisions and sects as there are for theists.