Christians - How would your life be different if you suddenly became an Atheist?

I was reading Hemant's "Friendly Atheist" blog and saw the question he put to Atheists. "Would your friends stay if you Converted?".

His question was based on Dan Barker's new book, "Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists". In this book Mr. Barker talks about how his friendships changed due to his deconversion away from Christianity. In a nutshell, some friendships got better, some worse.

Some of his friendships were lost forever.

Hemant asked Atheists how their lives would be if they suddenly became Christian.

I want to ask the opposite. If you are a Christian, how would it affect your life if you suddenly became an Atheist? (Please don't say that you'd have the sudden urge to start committing atrocities like rape, murder, or voting the Democratic ticket.)

Would you tell your friends and family? Would they mind? Would it mean that you'd lose or be forced to give up something, like a scholarship, a marriage or your job, if you told anyone?

Would you become a "closet" Atheist for the sake of your family and friends?

Who would support your decision, and who wouldn't?

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