The Heretic's Barbecue was a success!

Although there were plenty of UFOs to visit our Barbecue, I wasn't abducted. (Thank goodness, I hear those Aliens are nasty!)

The Barbecue was a great success. We had about 30 people attend, although it might have been higher than that because some people left early, and some arrived late - so it was difficult to keep a head count.

Fresno Bee Reporter John Ellis and his photographer Craig Kohlruss were there for almost two hours, talking to me and various others. We got a fairly nice article on pages B1 and B2 of the Fresno Bee. (Link to article)

All in all, we had a lot of fun. And we got some things done. You can read more about that at the CVAAS website.

I'd love to do this again - but not too soon please. Getting everything organized and ready is exhausting work, and I'm paying for it today. Thank science for ibuprofen!

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Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

Mark, I posted about the Bee article and put some photos up of the BBQ. I agree, the event was a success and maybe the publicity will be helpful. However, I have some misgivings about the article's spin, as you can read about over at my blog. The focus should be on the positive contributions that members of CVASS can make to our community, rather than my private religious views. Oh well, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and all that...