Convicted Pedophile Ronald Lee Darsey - an update

Remember when I introduced Ronald Lee Darsey, of Texas? Last I checked on him he was up for parole. I didn't have much hope that Texas would keep him behind bars, and my sister and I were worried.

His parole was denied. He is up for parole again on August 1st, 2011.

Three years! Tanya and I were thinking that he would be up for parole every year until he had finished his time, but his parole was denied, and he doesn't even go before the board again for three years!

Knowing Ronnie as I do, he's got to be ticked off about this! That doesn't bother me a bit! And I've got to say that Sis is a little relieved. We worried (a little) that Ronnie would blow his parole and travel to California to seek vengeance for our part in putting him behind bars.

But the best part of all of this is that Texas notified Sis about this. Ronnie was due for parole on Friday, but yesterday Sis received a large envelope saying that his parole was denied on the 13th, just days after the parole board received several letters from Tanya about Ronnie.

We are pretty sure that her letters helped close the door on Ronnie's possible parole. But we are both astonished that it closed for THREE years!

Best of all, Texas sent my sister a method of accessing the Texas Victim Services Notification Everyday system. This system allows her to know all there is to know about Ronnie - so she can keep tabs on him while he's incarcerated.

Texas also gave her advice on how to add letters to Ronnie's official file, the state gave her advice on how to connect with victim assistance programs, and how to participate on speaking panels to both criminal justice staff and offenders in order to facilitate healing.

As my sister said,

They're treating me like he was convicted for the crimes he committed on me. He wasn't. He was convicted for molesting other little girls. But they're treating my experiences like they mattered.... they mattered.
It was my sister's willingness to describe her ordeal in front of a jury that got Ronnie to cop to a plea. Instead of going to court, he plead guilty and received a 10 year sentence, with possible probation after 5 years. If he were convicted in court, he would have received a 20 year sentence. But his 11 year old victim would have been cross examined, and Ronnie might have have gotten lucky, he might have gone free.

Five years doesn't sound like much compared to 20, but in Tanya's words:
I think that the prosecutor made the right choice in letting Ronnie cop a plea. Either the prosecutor or the defense could have gone all the way to trial. Dan (the prosecutor) did not like the idea of shooting for all or nothing. He didn’t want to risk an acquittal. Dan wanted Ronnie to have a record for this crime. Dan also told me that sexual crimes against children are the type of crimes that make parole boards seethe. He expected that Ronnie would serve his full ten years.
Those words have become prophetic - Ronnie is set to serve at least 8 out of his ten-year sentence. And from what we can tell, the prospect is pretty good that he will spend the following two years in jail too.

And even when he is out, even if he is not officially on parole, he will still be a convicted pedophile who must register with the state for the rest of his life, and who must meet monthly and annual requirements as long as he lives, or face jail again as a "3rd strike".

I still think he will re-offend. It's in his nature to do so. But my hope is that he will be monitored so well that he will be quickly caught and put away for life. It is also my hope that any potential friend or girlfriend or neighbor will find Ronnie's story in my blog, or in my sister's, and be warned.

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