Only in a Christian Nation - Subjugate your spouse!

I've been doing some work on upcoming blog entries. One of the biggest problems I have in writing is when a word that I want to use slips away from me when I actually try to write it. This is VERY frustrating, so I have several bookmarks that I go to when I need to find that word again.

I bookmark the Merriam Webster dictionary, the OneLook Reverse Dictionary, and Two of these services are ad supported, and of course the content of the ads is based on the context of the search term, so it is possible to get some weird advertising if you look up strange words.

Still, I was stunned into laughter just now, when I looked up the word "subjugate" in the oneline thesaurus. Here are the three contextual advertisments that Google Adsense thought to be the best fit:
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How disappointing. There is absolutely NO advertising for Dr. Horrible or Cthulhu.

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