More bibles for soldiers!

It looks like Austin Cline mentioned bibles to Iraq last year. So I'm not the first to speak of this.

But I think that Austin missed my own point, these bibles aren't for the Soldiers. There are just too many for them to be for the soldiers. These are special witnessing bibles, and will be used to recruit Islamic Iraqis.

Military Ministries also talks about the Rapid Deployment (bible) Kits that were mentioned in my entry about the Campus Crusade for Christ. They also mentioned the same 1.8 million bible number. Which I thought was odd until I found out that Military Ministry is actually a division of Campus Crusade for Christ!

Back in 2003 - World Net Daily ran with the story that thousands of troops in Iraq who were supposedly begging for bibles. WND talks about the Rapid Deployment Kit in this article, where they supposedly had an order for 40,000 bibles! According to WND:
Requests from commanders, chaplains, soldiers, sailors and airmen continue to pour in, including one scrawled message on a piece of cardboard which reads: "I have a Bible …but the guys in my unit don't have any. Can you send [Bibles] over?"
Christians asking for bibles to hand out to their friends. What happens when someone says, "no thanks"? You're working in close quarters with these people, do you keep proselytizing? Or do you respect their wishes?

CBN, Pat Robertson's group, also has an effort to send 100 thousand bibles in 100 days, all at no expense to themselves. Why should the church pay when they can have their followers do it? They still get to claim credit.

And this is just the Iraqi arena. There are groups that send bibles to soldiers everywhere, but this huge push, this immense effort is targeting troops in Iraq, and absolutely flooding the area!

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