Christian girls kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam, forced to marry their kidnappers

This is a horrible thing. In Pakistan the two pre-teen daughters of a Christian father were kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam. The kidnappers married the girls.

According to the story in the Ecumenical News Service, Switzerland, as found in the Religion News Blog:
On 12 July, a judge in Pakistan’s Punjab province ignored pleas that Saba Younis, aged 12, and her 10 year old sister, Anila Younis, who went missing on 26 June from the small town of Chowk Munda, had been kidnapped while on their way to their uncle’s residence and ruled that their conversion to Islam was legal.

The kidnappers, who had married the girls, had also filed for custody of the girls at a local police station on 28 June, asserting that the sisters had converted to Islam and their father no longer had jurisdiction over them.

The Muzaffargarh district court on 12 July said the disputed conversion of the girls was legal, and it was this ruling that left the local Christians stunned.

“We will move the [Lahore] high court to challenge this order,” said Maria, who works as the programme coordinator for Pakistan’s Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement.

The Pakistan Minorities Concern network said in a statement that Younis Masih, the father of the kidnapped girls, was threatened by the local police when he went to complain about the kidnapping of his daughters. The statement noted that the village has only a few Christian families living among 150 Muslim families, and said that police refused to support the Christian family.

Apparently this has happened before:
The Pakistan Minorities Concern network ... pointed out that in 2005, nearly 50 Hindu girls and 20 Christian girls were kidnapped and the majority had been forcibly converted to Islam.

“This is a travesty of justice. But unfortunately, this is the practice here,” lamented Victor Azariah, general secretary of the National Council of Churches in Pakistan, which groups four Protestant churches. Azariah said, “The courts never help us.”
I make no bones in my blog in pointing out that Christianity and Islam are both equally illogical, are both harmful and not very rational positions. I haven't taken the position that one is more violent than the other. I haven't studied the history of violence of both religions, but from what I have read I would guess that depending on the decade in question, Christianity could compare with or surpass Islam in terms of violence and the suppression of Human rights.

But this is just vile. If you are Muslim, if you believe in the Islamic faith, and you do not protest the kidnapping and violation of these girls - well then I don't care how "moderate" you may be. If you are Islamic and you are NOT protesting, then you are enabling this behavior.

If you're Muslim and you agree with this sort of behavior, then I believe that your particular brand of philosophy should be scrubbed from the Earth. Preferably through education, but if necessary then through more strenuous methods.

I'm not letting the Christians off easily either. If your Christian philosophy insists that Homosexuals is "curable" through religion, and that atheists should be denied any position in government, then I think your beliefs are almost as despicable, because they will eventually lead to similar tyranny.

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It's LengChye said...

i protest. this is WAY off what the Prophet Muhammad told us.

He would never forced anyone to convert to Islam, not even prisoners of war who once fought Islam.

More than that, he forgave them and as a punishment, told them to teach some children until the children are able to read and write on their own. Then he would let them go.

That's what makes him all the more respectable.

going off-topic here~! :P