"EXPELLED" Runs away and hides!

"I did so hit a home run! And if you don't agree with me then I'll just take my baseball and my bat and go home! So there!"

Ben Stein's movie Expelled has gone MIA. Emails have been sent out to all confirmed that showings are canceled due to "technical difficulties". Their RSVP website no longer advertises upcoming showings - they've evaporated and the only trace they've ever existed is in screen captures and Google cache.

The technical difficulty? I can't be sure, but I would guess that they technically hated using a boring, poorly made movie to perpetuate a lie, and getting caught doing so.

If Expelled gets set up to start allowing screenings again before the movie's official release, then it will be with very strict procedures to vet those who live in the reality based community.

Expelling Dr. PZed Myers from a movie called "Expelled" while allowing Dr. Dawkins in instead has got to be one of the worst public relations disasters ever. This is worse than Scientology's "Battlefield Earth" - it's worse than "New Coke".

For the next 20 years business schools will be using the mistake made by Associate Producer Mark Mathis as the textbook example of what not to do regarding public relations.

Mathis (and by association Ben Stein) are petty and dishonest. And when they got called on it Mathis naturally panicked and fled.

Are these the sort of people you want to represent your religion?


Scott Hatfield . . . . said...

Hey, Mark! So far today I've had 2,800+ hits and counting. It pays to Pharyngulate, and since my deal links to yours, you'll most definitely see a traffic spike.

Anyway, I don't think I got that email about formatting. It's not pressing, but I'd like to learn how to tweak my blog better.

And by the way, this would be a good time for me to admit that YOU told me so. You were one of two people who were very persistent about encouraging me to blog, and I have to say I am sure glad you influenced me to do so.

Calladus said...

I got a double spike, both from Panda's Thumb and from Monkey Trials.

I sent you an email full of HTML - the odds are that it was tossed into your SPAM filter. It's really difficult to email HTML "how to".

As for your blog - I knew it would be valuable!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I commented this in the previous post. The private showings are being rescheduled to accommodate the travel plans of the producers, according to the marketing firm. They promise those who RSVP'd the old dates will hear about the new ones.

I can't wait.