Books in my library

I discovered LibraryThing about two months ago and immediately signed up for their service. I've always wanted to catalog my library and LibraryThing made it easy. Now my readers can see what I've got in my library. (Mom, Sis, this doesn't mean you can raid my library indiscriminately, although I'm willing to swap book hostages.)

I purchased the Cuecat scanner from LibraryThing, and entered 80% of my books in just three days of effort. Now I just need to enter the difficult books - those lacking ISBNs and Library of Congress numbers, or with odd publishers. (This includes several bibles.)

Also, I've been scanning in book covers when I have time. LibraryThing is excellent at locating book covers if they exist - but even so, many of my book entries are missing a cover graphic.

It is fun to browse the books in other people's libraries, and to see how their library contents match up with mine. (Good matches are potential friends!) Some people have amazingly large libraries - 5,000 books are not uncommon! I'll probably have a thousand books cataloged by the end of the year, but I'm just chopped liver compared to some.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a I am getting no work done because I'm too busy (and having way too much fun) cataloguing my books. I'm now up to the older/obscure ones that I have to search for manually, and I'm also scanning missing covers in. I have you to thank (curse??) for putting me onto the site. As a librarian whose not currently working I'm having a blast!

I'm angie66 on Library Thing, if you're interested.

Calladus said...

Mwhahaha! My evil Atheist plan unfolds - first I'll get everyone to read, and then expand their world-view! And when they least realize it they will become accepting and tolerant of others!

Oh, and just to make sure I won't duplicate my efforts by subverting the same person twice, I'll tag them with a Klingon / English dictionary in their library.