I do have a day job, you know

Okay, first I want to thank everyone for all the email, and for the comments.

Second, for those who have become a little impatient for me to answer - I do work. I'm an Engineer and I work an engineer's hours. (Often ten hours a day, plus weekends more often than I like.)

So declaring victory for your own little dogma because I've put you off until the weekend or whatever is really not cool. It shows an inherent personal dishonesty that I will equate with your religion if it is reinforced often enough. Is that really what you want to exhibit of your religion?

Re-read the section, "If you really want to argue about it" from Part 2 of the "Way of the Master" post. See where I say that there's a difference between "Glib" and "Intelligent"? Don't expect me to come back with quick, smashing refutations of your complex statements - I try to make my replies thoughtful. Unfortunately they will probably require the religious to see things from my point of view to understand my problems with their religions. That seems to be a common sticking point.

And lastly, for those praying for me, thank you. Unlike some Atheists it never bothers me that you pray for me (just don't get obnoxious about it, okay?) I figure that if prayer makes you feel good about yourself, then it's a good thing for you to do.

Personally I get the same benefit from meditation, and from being creative.

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