Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Yes, I enjoy puns. It's one of my worst failings.

Happy "victory day" to Mexico. I intend to celebrate (just a little) with a nice lunch. I hope your own celebrations are fun.

Although if I may suggest? Leave the Virgin de Guadalupe out of the celebrations this year. Victory over the French occupiers is quite enough to be proud of without resorting to legends of the supernatural.


Pereque said...

Thank you very much, sir.

Actually, here in Mexico the Cinco de Mayo is only celebrated in elementary schools. Most factories, commerces and offices have activity like every other day. And, as Mexico is a secular state, and so is its educational system, nobody thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for the victory in Puebla. Not even the most conservative, history-twisting, Catholic private schools.

Calladus said...

Mexico is a secular state? I didn't realize. America is a secular state too - but it's kinda hard to tell if you listen to our politicians.

In the (extremely brief) research that I put into Cinco de Mayo for this post, I ran across the Virgin twice in the four descriptions of Cinco de Mayo that I looked at - one of those was Wikipedia.

So I completely blame my poor sample size for bringing this up. Perhaps it is only in America that you get politicians that thank God for the 4th of July.