Deficient in blog posting

Ah yes, I can see by the back-to-back atelier entries that I’ve been deficient in blog posting lately. I’ve made a few comments in response to posters in older posts, but no one would see that at the top of my blog.

The recent weird weather in the California Central Valley had started my yearly hay-fever a couple of months early – which of course almost immediately turned into a chest –cold. Going back and forth to work was about all that I could handle, blogging takes a back seat to that. I’m still very lethargic, which makes even simple blog entries a chore. But my Friday atelier entries show that I’m still kicking.

I have been spending a little time working on blog projects that I meant to have finished by now – but I’ve been hampered by the lack of my favorite resource. The California State University, Fresno library is currently under extensive renovation. The CSUF library was old, difficult to get around in, and cramped. So the university moved the stacks into the newer wing, and put much of the books into storage so that they could demolish the older building and start anew. The last time I visited 3 of the books that I wanted were in storage, and there was a deep hole where the foundation of the new library wing is being laid.

This is a serious block to my little research projects – the Fresno main library isn’t half as useful as the university library. Being an electronic engineer, evolutionary biology is difficult for me – especially when I’m slowly checking each of Jonathan Well’s references, and then doing the necessary background reading to understand it.

Luckily my project on electronic ghost detectors is going much faster. I don’t need a library for electronics because I have my own private book collection on electrical engineering (consisting of my own textbooks and additional reference materials). I still need a reference library on ghosts – there are so many conflicting explanations of ghosts – no two sources seem to agree on just what is being detected by ghost hunters. Of course, the scientific explanations are much more straightforward and more easily understood, but I want to read about both sides of this.

There will be further blog posts. I trust my few readers will be patient with me.

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