Updates interrupted by a family emergency

Just a quick note -

In reply to an emailed question, yes - I am not updating very regularly right now. This is due to a family emergency that has had me visiting at hospitals for the last two weeks.

No need to worry - everything is fine, and the medical emergency isn't with me. But blogging has taken a much lower priority.

Right now I'm in Redwood City, at the hospital of the best cardilogy surgeon this side of the Mississippi. Everything is fine. And my trust in modern medicine (based on evolutionary biology) has been increased.

I'm sorry for being cryptic about this - but I'm reluctant to write about this, it is not my story to tell. I trust my readers will forgive.

On a more positive note, waiting bedside at hospital rooms is a great place to catch up on my reading. I finished "The God Delusion" by Dawkins and "Breaking the Spell" by Dennett. I've almost completed "Kingdom Coming" by Goldberg, and I've got "Dumth" by Steve Allen and "Atheist Universe" by Mills waiting for me.

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