Extra Birthday Presents!

Wow. Lot's of goodness is coming from the moral majority these days. Extra presents on top of the presents I already received!

First, I had a wonderful birthday present from the former Deputy Director of the Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, David Kuo, when he published the tell-all book Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction, and showed just what sort of contempt the GOP has for evangelicals, and in doing so has weakened the GOP's hold on them.

Next, I learned that almost half of America now doubts the existence of God.

Then today, Mr. Kent Hovind is found guilty of tax fraud after 3 hours of deliberation by the Florida jury. Hovind's defense lawyer called no witnesses, and neither Hovind nor his wife Jo took the stand in their defense.

And lastly Ted Haggard, the minister of the Colorado Springs megachurch, New Life Church, has stepped down from all of his duties because of the 'cloud of accusations' of gay sex with male prostitute Mike Jones. You may have heard of Ted Haggard from the February 7, 2005 issue of Time Magazine when he was labeled as one of the 25 most influential evangelicals in America, and advisor to President Bush.

All this goodness tempts me to believe in a deity. I think I'll offer praise tonight with pizza.


Anonymous said...

Your fucking pitiful You better start praying now or go to Hell for sure.

Your gonna get your ass kicked someday and you'll deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Uh wow. Okay.

Hey, I've got a question for you... why is it that the really whacko religious nuts have such a hard time with grammar and punctuation?

Here, check out the Purdue University Writing Lab online.

Matt. 5:44