419 scammer

I leave my IM turned on during work most days because my work has been running an experiment in communicating via IM. If you want to shoot me an IM, go ahead. Check my profile for which one to use.

Unfortunately this means that I sometimes receive contacts from non-carbon based entities. And sometimes I'm contacted by Nigerian scammers. Today it was the scammer's turn. I was contacted by a_sandra002.

Here's part of the conversation:
[12:14] a_sandra002: i am from allendale but presently in africa
[12:15] calladus: Where is Allendale?
[12:15] calladus: Why are you in Africa?
[12:15] a_sandra002: allendale is in new jersey
[12:17] calladus: ok
[12:17] a_sandra002: i and my father came to africa for the burial ceremony of one of his partner...... but on our way down to africa..... we had an accident ...... my father died it remains me only in africa
[12:18] calladus: Wow. That's sad.
[12:18] calladus: Are you American?
[12:18] a_sandra002: yes
[12:19] calladus: Have you spoke to the American Embassy?
[12:20] calladus: What did your father do for a living?
[12:22] a_sandra002: no
[12:24] a_sandra002: i father deals with building materials
[12:24] calladus: I see
[12:26] calladus: How long have you been in Africa?
[12:27] calladus: How are you going to get back to America?
[12:28] a_sandra002: i will cos i am saving some money
[12:28] a_sandra002: the money collect from my nurse work
"... it remains only me in Africa" A dead give-away. This is non-English grammar. Poor grammar skills, slow typing skills, her inability to quickly understand what I said to her all lead me to believe that she wasn't a 30 year old American nurse, born and raised in the USA. "She," if the person IS a she, is nothing more than a 419 scammer.

I wonder who's picture this is, from her Yahoo Profile? I'll bet the model would like to know about this.

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