Lots of interest in Steorn on my blog

A lot of you are new visitors to my blog, looking for an explanation of the Steorn perpetual energy machine and trying to figure out if it is a hoax, if it can be debunked, or if it’s the real thing.

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Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, issued a public challenge in the Economist magazine, and now the Steorn website has a “days since we issued the challenge” automatic counter.

I still think this is bullshit – Steorn is just looking for investor money – if they were serious about proving their claims they wouldn’t do it by a challenge. I still like my idea of having their machine output energy or do work and see if it surpasses a calculated energy density of their ‘black box’. They wouldn’t have to show the world how they do what they do, and they could still prove their concept without needing specially qualified scientists.

Think about it, if someone told me that they had a car that got an infinite amount of mileage on one tank of gas, I wouldn’t need a scientist to explain why this was true. All I’d need to do is drive the car back and forth across country. After a certain number of miles I would certainly surpass any theoretical limit of energy density in the supercar’s gas tank.

It’s that easy people – you really ARE that smart, you don’t need a scientist to ‘explain’ how Steorn’s machine works, you just need to see it demonstrated long enough to prove it.

I’ll bet you $10 that will NEVER happen.


Anonymous said...

Actually they aren't looking for investment at all... makes it all the more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Not really. What's interesting is how they would expect anyone to believe in an "over unity" machine?

Like I've said, it would be simple to test - but I'll bet no one will ever be able to do so.