Icons of Evolution Progress Report

I'm still working on my notes for the Creation Science / ID Challange, with the book Icons of Evolution.

I've got to say, Jonathan Wells is a very paranoid person. He is so much into conspiracy theory that I had to find out some background on him. Especially when a Christian friend of mine commented that Wells was a member of the Unification Church.

And yep. He's a member of that church, and believes it's teachings, including the dogma that the Reverend Moon is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

As for his scientific refutations of Evolution, I'm still finding them lacking. I'm still making notes, I'll let everyone know when I've started writing.


Seamus said...

Glad you're reading Icons, though I think that Darwin's Black Box would be a better investment of your time. I would then recommend Uncommon Dissent (as I already posted a while back) and Darwin on Trial. The order of the books is not important but Uncommon Dissent, due to its content and broad array of authors and topics, would be extremely hard to analyze in a single paper. That shouldn't keep you from reading it, though; it's one of the best ID books around.

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for the recommendations. I'll put them in my list.