Anne Coulter and Science? Yea Right!

Hmm, apparently Anne Coulter has a, "... keen appreciation for genuine science" in her new book, "Godless - the church of liberalism."

You really have to admire Anne for the number of lies and amount of hatefulness per word that she can cram into a sentence. It's a real art form.

But I think she's really going to stretch her talents in her newest book. She's using William Dembski as her so-called 'scientific' touchstone. Dembski's belief in supernatural design is an embarrassment, especially since he has never produced a scientific defense of Intelligent Design that could stand up to scrutiny.

Of course, there are plenty of people who will take Ms. Coulter's new book to heart, and will hang on every word.

There are also people out there who think that Anne is (shudder!) pretty! I guess some people are just born stupid.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are pretty bitter soul. So who hurt you? Did some ugly professed Christian turn you off about Jesus? Guess what the Devil can reside in your heart and keep where you are in your bitterness and so called justification. It sound like you are searching for nothing but to conjur up hatred and bitterness. You are definately not at peace with yourself.

Calladus said...

Project much?

You sound like the bitter, hateful soul. Perhaps you should take up Zen?

And if you decide to post again, read my comment moderation policy first.

I understand your need to hide, but pick a pseudonym to hide behind so I can tell one anon from another.