Coolest. Word. Ever.

Defenestrate. Transitive verb. It means to throw a person or thing out of a window.

You can also use it as a noun (defenestration) or with the suffix 'ing' (defenestrating.)

As always, Merriam-Webster allows you to hear the correct pronunciation of the word.

I love words that have such a precise meaning! I'm going to have so much fun with this word.


Scientia said...

Grin. So who/what are you going to defenestrate?

AmberKatt said...

Oh my gosh! You too! *g* I discovered this word years ago... maybe even ~decades~ ago... and it's been my very favorite word ever since. I mean, how can you ~not~ love a word that means "the act of throwing someone/thing out of a window"??? The very fact that such a word was even ~created~ is truly hysterically funny.