Brilliant Stupidity

An open letter to Alan Chambers and Mike Haley of Exodus International:

I wanted to thank you.

If it were not for the brilliant stupidity displayed by the panicked leaders of Exodus in threatening a blogger with a lawsuit for a legal parody, I would have never discovered the wonderful blog,

And through Justin’s blog, I’ve also discovered ex-gay watch, and I’ve been able to read about past Exodus leader John Paulk and his fall from grace after being caught cruising a gay bar! This was good for hours of entertainment for me. (It must be hard trying to remember all the time to be something that you are not. I guess the money helps, huh?)

The narrow-minded intolerance that religious groups like yours endorse toward personal freedom is usually frightening to fair-minded people, but in this case your panic only created amusement, and I truly appreciate that!

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