ICR Founder Dr. Henry M. Morris is dead at the age of 87

Dr. Morris founded the Institute for Creation Science (ICR). He received his B.S. from Rice University with honors in Civil Engineering. He received his M.S. and Ph. D. degrees from the University of Minnesota, majoring in engineering hydraulics / hydrology. Before founding the ICR, Dr. Morris was the head of the Department of Civil Engineering at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Besides founding the ICR, Dr. Morris is famous for his book, Scientific Creationism, in which he asserted that geological phenomena such as the Grand Canyon and petrified dinosaur bones are the result of the Biblical Flood.

Dr. Morris' degrees in engineering, and his experience at a technical institute are based upon applied science, and do not make him a scientist. He published no papers in non-creationist owned, scientific peer-reviewed journals. As an engineer with a doctoral degree Dr. Morris illustrates a perfect example of "The Salem Hypothesis", which predicts that creationists who claim scientific credentials are usually not scientists, but are instead holders of engineering degrees.

When presented with a scientific mystery, scientists will happily say that they don't have the answer. Scientists embrace the unknown as an opportunity to learn more about nature. An engineer, on the other hand, may believe that since engineering cannot replicate a phenomenon, then it is impossible to replicate it. Engineers who fall into this trap will often answer the mystery with "God did it."

Goodbye Dr. Morris. Your work has hurt our nation more than I can calculate. I regret that you are now beyond learning the truth of your beliefs.

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