I am ASHAMED of Cindy Sheehan's Treatment last night.

So, if you haven't read it already - Cindy Sheehan was arrested in last night in the Capital.

Her crime, according to mainstream media is a T-shirt with an anti-war slogan on it. But I know what it said - it said "IRAQ KIA" and had a number on it.

That's it.

I'd say that Cindy has been treated like a dog over this, but obviously dogs are treated better in this administration.

And Bush had the NERVE to praise civil rights leader Coretta Scott King and her Husband, Martin Luther King Jr. in his state of the union address? Hello! Anyone in that knoggin of yours Prez? Your goons are hauling civil rights protesters out of your address for wearing a T-Shirt, while you praise a great man and his wife for putting their lives in danger?

Isn't this the same country where protest was monitored, but allowed at the Democratic National Convention?

But during the Republican National Convention, protesters were locked up in a “Little Guantanamo” for days? Including innocents who just happened to be wandering through the area at the time?

Mr. Bush,

I'm ashamed of you sir. I’m ashamed of what you stand for. I cry about what you’ve done to my country. I’m deeply grateful that you were not my Commander in Chief during my time in Active Duty, and I feel nothing but pity for those poor, brave soldiers who currently are, or were until their deaths, in Active Duty during your watch.

I. Am. Ashamed. Of. You.

IRAQ KIA: 2,242
IRAQ WIA: 16,420

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