Fresno Atheists: Darwin Debate Recording

I finally finished digitizing the Darwin Debate that I spoke about in an earlier post.

I ran into some technical problems - first, I only brought one 90 minute tape to the debate; second, I 'missed' the record button on Side 'B' and so did not record it. Lastly, I had to spend a day (three evenings, actually) learning how to use Audacity in order to create the recording and edit it.

The first 40 minutes of the debate are presented in this recording. There is no 'Podcast' talk, fancy music, or other tricks added to this.

I also uploaded the program so that you can read about the players, and the format of the debate.

You can find these files on the Fresno Atheists Meetup Group's web site.
You can also read my review of the debate here.

And remember, if you're in Fresno, and are an Atheist, Nonbeliever, Secular, Agnostic, Rationalist or Skeptical of religion, the supernatural and other kinds of pseudoscience, then check out the Fresno Atheists.

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