Fundies dislike face slap and respond with their fists.

According to news reports, Dr. Paul Mirecki was physically beaten by a couple of God Warriors yesterday morning. Dr. Mirecki made the mistake of being offensive to Christians by offering a class that exposed Intelligent Design for the fraud that it is - and then by crowing over it in an email that got passed around.

According to the article in CNN:
Mirecki had referred to religious conservatives as "fundies," and said a course describing intelligent design as mythology would be a "nice slap in their big fat face." He has apologized for those comments.
Now I do frown on gratuitous gloating, and I think that Dr. Mirecki was wrong for doing so - but I have to say that I'm astounded that would warrant a beating by these lovers of Jesus.

According to
Mirecki said the men who beat him were making references to the controversy that has propelled him into the headlines in recent weeks.

Word out in the world of conservative blogs (I detest the word 'blogosphere' - it sounds like a cheap carnival ride.) is that they doubt that Dr. Mireck's beating was religiously related - perhaps it was just random violence, or worse, perhaps he made it up!

Maybe this is so - I dunno. I'll keep watch on this for a while and see. It would not be out of character for the religiously motivated to condone violence would it?


Scientia said...

Hmmmm, let's see- the Crusades, the Inquisition, witch-burnings, diaspora, the Holocaust, terrorism... yep, organized religion has incited and perpetuated more violence than any other cause in the 2.5 million years since the first hominid appeared.

Apologies to the Quakers and Baha'i; they are the only religions of whom that has NEVER been true. In fact, the Quakers won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Scientiae, for your words.

What I'm concerned about is the possibility that perhaps Dr. Mirecki made up the charges of a beating. His description of the event and actions afterwards seem, in my opinion, suspicious.

I would value knowing the truth of it - so I'll keep a skeptical nature until more data comes of this.

Still, even if the right wing is able to truthfully crow that Dr. Mirecki lied about Christian Violence, they'll have a long way to go before they can atone of their past sins.

Scientia said...

Yes, I agree with you- truth is the only way to create a real solution. Lying/ignoring the truth is essentially the act of a lazy person- one who does not wish to expend the effort to act on the truth and its implications.

I liked your gecko story very much, by the way. More on that above.

Oh- and you're right about past actions too. Though I really don't think it can be done. Atoning, that is- and since that's a religiously loaded word too, perhaps I'd better leave it alone. Grin. You never know when these harmless little words'll blow up in your face...