You're going to Hell

As an Atheist active in the non-belief community, I've noticed that some true believers enjoy telling me that I'm going to Hell.

Assuming that this is true, I have to point out that most Christians are going to be right in Hell with me. If you believe in the Bible, you have no choice but to agree. Jesus says that most people will be destroyed - only a few will make it to Heaven. (Matt. 7:13-14)

How much is most? What's the majority? 51%? Jesus is clearly speaking of a large inequality here - so perhaps it is closer to 90% damnation, 10% saved. Maybe I'm being too lenient here? But I'll leave it at 1 in 10. Do you have 9 friends? Look around, which one of you will make it?

Getting into Heaven should be easy - right? All you've got to do is believe in Jesus (John 3:18) and not do evil (John 5:29) and you're golden. Not quite! Here's to explain just how easy it is to end up at the wrong destination:

Private Thoughts

You’ve been a good Christian, attended church regularly, gave to the poor, helped the needy, witnessed to the unsaved. And on the final day of your life, while walking across the street you see a beautiful woman and think, “Wow! She’s hot!" You’re going to Hell!

Divorce and remarriage
You are glad to end an abusive marriage and get away from your evil spouse. Even better, you meet the love of your life – another divorcee. You get married in your church, but even that won’t help you. You’re going to Hell!

You burn yourself on your stove, hit your thumb with the hammer while hanging a picture, fall on your butt down the icy steps in front of your house. Any of these things might make you slip with a “Gosh Darnit!” If you don’t take it back, you’re going to Hell!

Your boss arrives at work wearing the ugliest shirt you’ve ever seen. But he’s obviously proud of it, so you compliment his fashion sense. You’re going to Hell!

You have a “Beer Belly.” You’re going to Hell

You get a tattoo. Because you’re a Christian, you make sure it is of an acceptable, discreet nature. It’s just a very small tattoo of a holy cross over your heart. You’re going to Hell!

You and your fiancé have just rented an apartment together. The marriage is tomorrow morning, but you two lovebirds couldn’t wait and started the honeymoon early. You’re going to Hell!

Committing one small sin, the least of any sins, is the same as committing all sins, the worst of sins. A "Gosh Darnit" will get you into Hell as easily as a murder. (James 2:10-13)

Sure, any of these sins can be negated by repenting and asking for forgiveness - but if you don't believe you have actually committed a sin then you won't repent, and you'll end up at the wrong eternal destination.

The catch is how you interpret the Bible. Each Christian sect has it’s own doctrine, much of which is mutually exclusive from other Christian sects. Each Christian sect interprets the Bible differently. Some sects believe divorce is fine, others don’t – some say wearing makeup is a sin, or dancing - each sect uses their own interpretation of the Bible to justify their dogma while smugly believing the other guys are going to Hell.

So how do you know you picked the winning team? How can you be sure that your sect is better than any other Christian sect in understanding God’s word? The answer is – you don’t know – you don’t even have a clue.

And you have the nerve to tell me that I’m going to Hell based on highly embellished myths encased in historical fiction ?

I’ve got some advice for you. Read your Bible. Start with John 8:7.

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Anonymous said...

Just a note on your Troll there, Reverend...
I had been thinking of writing a little article for my LJ that I'm hoping to title "the measure of a man" and much of it will describe the negative example. Since your Troll popped on to your blog, I read some of HIS blog and guess what- He's the PERFECT example!!
The whole 'how 'boucha lose a little weight there honey, while I finish off the entire box of Nilla Wafers that I'm hiding from my pregnant wife as I talk to my friends about the horrors of what could happen to your penis if you stray from intense efforts to have the most vanilla sex that ever bored a skinny cheer-leader with big fake tits.
I couldn't have MADE UP a better example. Golden!!