Homeopathy still doesn't work

Can I call it or what? Like I said earlier - Homeopathy doesn't work.

Here is an article of a Lancet report about a study on Homeopathy - the telling quote:
"Now doctors need to be bold and honest with their patients about homeopathy's lack of benefit, and with themselves about the failings of modern medicine to address patients' needs for personalized care."
The reason why homeopathy is so attractive is because it is more personal than the medical field in general. Homeopathic bottles on the pharmacy shelf are warm and fuzzy, and don't have all the nasty side effects of real medicine. Homeopathic practitioners are friendlier than doctors. And homeopathy promises 'cures' while medicine makes few promises.

It's no wonder that people will continue to believe in Homeopathy, no matter the evidence. Homeopathy offers guarantees - medicine does not.

Of course dead people have a really hard time complaining about failed promises.

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